What you might say


Good morning (girls and boys)!

Introducing yourself

I'm your English teacher.

My name is.... What's your name?

Giving commands

Stand up!

Sit down!

Switch on the light!

Close your eyes!

Listen carefully!

Look at me!

Raise your hands!

Put up your hands!

Do it like me!

Hurry up!

Be quick!

Be quiet! Quiet, please!

Watch out!  Be careful!

Wait at the door!
Donīt run (rush)!
Walk slowly!


Let's begin!

Let's start!

Let's go on!

Stopping it

Stop it (that), please.

Donīt do that!

Handing over something

Bring me the...., please!

Give me the......, please!

Opening / closing something

Open the door!

Shut the door!

Shut the window(s)!

Open your book!

Open your book at page...!

Asking for the English word

In English, please,

What's .... in English?

Asking for repetition

Repeat (after me)!

Say it again!

Let's repeat! Again!

Once more (again)!

Telling who

All together

Only you.

Now in groups.

Now you, and you, then you....

Asking to speak differently

Louder, please! Speak up!

Slow down, please!

Asking for understanding

Did you understand?

Do you understand me?

Suggesting something

Let's play a game!


Well done!

Very good!







All right!

That's right!

That's a good idea!

I like that (very much)!



That's fantastic!

Good work!

Good girl! (boy)

You are a champion!

Saying it's okay

It's okay

Never mind. That's all right!

Asking questions

What would you like?

What do you want?

What's the matter?

What's going on?

Who'd like to sing?

Who wants to sing?

Who is going to sing?

Playing board  games

Whose turn is it?

Is it my turn?

It's your turn.

Choose a different counter each and place it on "START".

The player with the highest number goes first.

Take it in turns to throw the dice.

Throw the dice (once each turn).

Move forward three squares.

If you throw a 6, have another go.

You need:

1 board

1 dice

1 counter each

Board Games Studies 1

board game with counters dice board game