COMENIUS 2.1 - Neues Lernen - Train the Trainer

The project aims at training teacher trainers and designing, developing, and piloting in-service & pre-service teacher training materials for the dissemination of the Neues Lernen method & material (Neues Lernen Lingua 2 project, 72097-CP-2-2001). The Neues Lernen method is an effective and affective educational method. It's an alternative method that can effectively be used to teach any subject. It is based on teaching methods that take recent brain and educational psychology research into consideration. It includes important key elements from edu-kinesiology, learning styles, accelerative learning , multiple intelligences, communication skills, etc.. It is useful in teaching mixed-level classes. It has also proven to be an effective and favoured educational method among teachers involved in special needs education, including gifted children as well as children with learning disabilities or developmental problems.

During the Lingua 2 transnational project educators from 10 European countries designed, piloted, and edited Neues .Lernen teaching materials for the teaching of English, German, French, and Spanish as foreign languages. By the end of the project brain-friendly material such as various learning activities, posters, multimedia software, listening comprehension tasks and recordings, teachers' notes, etc. will be available for dissemination and use in this proposed teacher training programmes.

Project partners:
  • Atelier Neues Lernen, Liechtenstein

  • Pädagogische Akademie des Bundes in Vorarlberg Austria     (I represent)

  • Padagogisches Institut des Bundes in Feldkirch Österreich

  • Bildungs-Center der Arbeiterkammer Vorarlberg, Austria    (I represent)

  • Bundesrealgymnasium Reutte, Austria

  • Secretariat general de I'enseignement catholique beige francophone, Belgium

  • Action Langues, Belgium

  • Universitat Jena "Imaginata", Germany

  • Centre de Recursos de Lengues Estrangeres Barcelona, Spain

  • Nemzetkozi Nyelvek Intezete KFT, Hungary

  • Department of education - Dublin Ireland

  • University of Malta

  • Asmundtorps Skola in Sweden

  • Brain friendly training, Folkstone - Kent England

  • Wolontariat Europejski, Lodz, Poland

  • Centre for Ecology an Culture BFree Style", Moskau, Russia


Mark Fletcher,, Walter Noser, Marco Agostinelli, Marie-Claire Gauthier, Franz Ludescher, Becky Boemmel, Kurt Tschegg, Helmut Konrad (from left to right)