English across the curriculum : According to the ideas of our project there is no extra English lesson for the primary school children - English is integrated within the normal frame of all the subjects except of the subject representing their mother tongue. In other words, an Austrian child experiences little English sequences of about ten minutes each day in one of the subjects apart from German. 

Please click on one of the "branches" of the subjects (MATHS , PE , ART , MUSIC ) to get to the appropriate words, structures and phrases you might use in the classroom-situation.




At this stage children are not supposed to use the language productively. They will understand you because they can read your body language and understand the visual aids you'll show. 

In ART -lessons it will mainly be colour dictations or they will understand you because they imitate and copy what you're doing.

In SPORT (gym-lessons) they will understand your commands: e.g. "Make groups of three", "Run to the wall-bars", "Boys come here and make a line", "Throw the red ball to Peter, please!" etc. - So in a way you give them the chance to show understanding. They only react physically (TPR).

In MUSIC you might sing an English song, or do a jazz-chant with them.

In MATHS you ask them to do do the tasks in English.


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